Bisexuality and beyond


Basically, I wanted to show my support of the LGBTQAIP+. Everyone has the right to be equal and love. So show off your pride!

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The Story of me coming out (repost)
My Coming out as Bi Story (reposted)

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The Story of me Coming out

Me Myself and I coming out!

Hello my name is Broghan i am 22 years old and I am Bisexual.  There i have said it! its out in the interwebs for everyone to see! 

It started when i was in high school i kinda always hoped that my many sleepovers would turn into something more to confirm that i liked girls, because i wasn’t sure, but i thought i did.I ended up going  to a Christian collage and i found people being nasty to the LBGTQ community and it made me try to convince myself that i didn’t have those feelings for girls, but i did. It wasn’t until i met a guy named Caleb at college who came out even knowing what the school was going to put him though. It was the only collage his family would let him go to because they thought it might help him be straight. The collage made him go thought classes and meetings on how bad and sinful that lifestyle was. I knew i needed to get away and my family talked about doing a disney collage program, so i applied.

I got in and i loved it i may have only been there for a short time but i learned a lot about who i was. No i didn’t do anything with a girl or anything like that. I got to see ALOT of people who were out, and i started dating a guy who was also bi. I told him i was  curious but i never that i was bisexual. He said he thought i was because of things i had said, but that was it. 

Well he was right i started coming out to a few of my friends and that was about it for a while. Until a few months ago i changed my Facebook to liking men and women i was scared but i did it. I figured if anyone had a problem with it most of my friends/family   they would think i was hacked. (i got “hacked” by a friend once who changed my about me to i like having sex with goats… so yea they might think i was) but this is the 1st time I’m putting it out there so anyone can see it! 

So again My name is Broghan I am 22 years old and i like BOTH guys and girls.

 We are actually trying to fight for a four year rule for both gays and straights. The reason gay is a factor is bc the younger girls parents specifically stated they are pressing charges bc they don’t want their daughter gay. That had it been a guy it never would have come to this. Also most cases with straight couples plead out to a misdemeanor yet the states attorney was only offering felony charges as the plea deal still ruining her entire future. That’s what makes it a problem. Also even though the court ruled twice to allow Kate to finish her senior year the younger girls parents went past the court to the school board to get her expelled anyway. So obviously the parents have some vendetta out to ruin her life. Even though the younger girl is still saying it was consensual. The hope is to propose a four year rule in this state which is in existence in other states. That way students who are put on the same sports teams, classes and social circles aren’t labeled sex offenders for consensual teenage dating. These laws are for predators and pedophiles. Not high school dating. This is just high profile bc the parents went to the police instead of dealing with this between the parents and the school bc they don’t want their daughter gay.